Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Going down the drain

I watched local news last night, yes, there is a reason not to watch local news. How is it acceptable to wear faded, torn jeans and a T-shirt for live shots? Someone is going to have to explain that one to me. I understand in some news industries there is a relaxing of the wardrobe on camera, but really? Jeans and a T-shirt? I think there are all levels of professionalism, but when a reporter is wearing torn jeans and an old T-shirt on camera, that is just a disregard for the field and your career. Journalism and reporting may be entering the new era, but I don't believe jeans and a T-shirt are ever going to be acceptable unless it is for ireport or you are the one being interviewed on camera. Such strange happenings in the world of television news.

1 comment:

  1. I agree that it is unacceptable for reporters to be in jeans and an old T-shirt for live shots. A reporter wearing jeans and a T-Shirt is not able to command the same level of respect and attention that a reporter wearing a more formal outfit can. A reporter needs to send off a vibe of professionalism, and if he/she is dressed in cut-off shorts and a gungy t-shirt than he/she will look no different than the average joe off the street who decides to pic up a camera.