Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today the sun was not shining.

As my day started early, I began a headlong run of work and school. At the end of it all I came home to sit down and watch others as they painfully try to complete a Wipeout course. The show - if you have not seen it- is about 24 people competing in obstacle courses to win $50,000. The hosts team up to narrate the event and poke fun at each participant. The first round allows 11 people to go on to the next round. They are chosen by the best times. Then they have to make it through two more rounds to narrow the number of participants to four. As would be expected, the people participating in this event are generally eccentric in their personalities. The hosts come up with nicknames to help the audience remember each person. Needless to say it is hilarious show that will make you grimace at some of the spills and falls.


  1. Wipeout if funny, but it's a total rip off of MXC, a show that use to be on spike. Look up some clips on youtube sometime, it's amazing.


  2. I just wanted Wipeout for the first time last night. I thought is was hilarious. I loved to see all the creative obstacle courses that the show's creaters came up with. Even though a lot of the obstacles look a little dangerous to me, I would like to try the sweet waterslide.
    :O) Chantelle